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FO: “Rhythm I”

I took a class from Carol Ann Waugh at the Quilt Crossing in Boise, ID November 2013. Carol was a very fun and fabulous teacher and I’m really happy with this result. In particular I enjoyed the hand embroidery more than I thought I would!   Here’s a close up of the hand work:  

Another fabric dyeing class

Work has been incredibly busy for months now, so I’m really behind on blogging. I’m catching up this weekend. I took a shibori dyeing class at the Fine Line Arts Center with Jan Myers-Newbury in June 2013. Here are some pictures….. [Show as slideshow]  

Fabric dyeing extravaganza!

I am going to make a monochromatic blue quilt and a (separate) purple and yellow/orange quilt, so I went into the dye studio over several days to get some fabric made. Here’s the start of the fabric for the purple quilt: The piece of fabric (half yard) on the right is snow dyed. You can […]

Art Quilt Tahoe 2011

  Once again, I went off to Art Quilt Tahoe. This time I took a class with Sue Cavanaugh, who teaches stitch resisted shibori. This was a great class. There were only five of us in the class, and the other four people were members of the East Bay Heritage Quilters and/or friends of members. Sue […]

Art Quilt Tahoe 2009

I went to Art Quilt Tahoe again this year. We had a change of venue but it still was a good trip. I suffered with my usual altitude sickness plus a sinus infection but still managed to have a great time. LauraR and I took Jane Dunnewold’s Complex Cloth class, based upon the book Complex Cloth: A […]

Dying to Dye

Saturday I decided to dye some fabric for an upcoming class. I use the method from this book: Color by Accident: Low-Water Immersion Dyeing by Ann Johnston, which I highly recommend. I was trying to get several values for each color, and I pretty much failed at that. You be the judge:   1st attempt at […]



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