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FO: Laura’s Shawl – Double Scoop

Note: I found this in my drafts folder in WordPress! I’m publishing it nearly 3 years late. Oh well.   Pattern: Double Scoop Size 6 needle. Madeleine Tosh Merino Light in Fathom (Color A) and Grasshopper (Color B) This was an interesting knit. At the end it was a bit of slog, especially when I […]

It’s been a while….again.

It’s been a long time since I blogged. I actually had a few FOs for Christmas, but then a few didn’t get done in time and I didn’t post them. Plus I forgot to take pictures of most of them. I’ve actually dyed a metric-ton (almost) of fabric, and didn’t take a single picture. So, you’re […]

FO: Sandy’s Scarf — Clapotis

Pattern: Clapotis Knitted for Sandy’s birthday. Delivered only a few weeks late 🙂 (2) skeins Shepherd Sport Solid color Beauchamps. I did 3 full repeats of sections 2 and 4 and 20 repeats of section 3. Probably could have done another 5 repeats of section 3 but was afraid of running out of yarn, and […]

A tale of three Wingspans….

This blog title has been stuck in my head for a long time, so it’s time to write this post. I have been knitting the pattern Wingspan for a while now… the point where I knitted three of them! The first one was for me. I followed the instructions as written. The second one was for […]

FO: Laurel hats for KK and Mom

More Christmas knitting projects: KK wanted a hat for Christmas. I let her pick out the pattern (from a selection of ones I liked….) and then the yarn once the pattern was selected. She picked Laurel from Brooklyn Tweed. And this is Yet Another Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted creation, this time in Berry. Apologies for […]

FO: Turn a Square hats

I wanted to knit at least two men’s hats for Christmas gifts. So, I decided to buy the Turn a Square pattern from Brooklyn Tweed. The pattern is now free (figures) but it was worth every penny. Check out one of the hats: Both hats were knitted from the same yarn. The stripe is in Lorna’s […]

FO: Baby hat for Averi Rose

That Averi Rose is a pretty lucky baby, IMHO. Great mom and dad, but she also gets hand knits from me! Background: My friend Jessica mentioned that her baby needed a hat. I had around 16g of Alpaca Sox left over from another project (the Holden Shawlette) and thought that could be enough for a […]

FO: Skew Socks for Sandy

This is the second of the September birthday gifts….Skew Socks for Sandy: I used Zitron Trekking XXL for this sock, in a pink stripe. I ended up frogging this once and restarting it. The stripes are not perfectly aligned between the two socks, but they are Good Enough. This is an interesting sock pattern. It’s […]

FO: Holden Shawlette

Two friends with a birthday in September. So crazy me decides to knit something for each of them. This the first one: This was a fun knit. Lots of easy stockinette but then there was the lace to keep me amused. I knit it out of Classic Elite Alpaca Sox, which is a really nice […]

FO: Baby sweater for Lisa

My friend Lisa had a baby in September. He is the cutest thing…..unfortunately the baby sweater for him just was finished during the New Year Quiltapalooza during all of the football games. It’s a good thing I knitted the 12 month old version. The stripes were more even before the button bands went on…but given […]



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