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It’s been a while….again.

It’s been a long time since I blogged.

I actually had a few FOs for Christmas, but then a few didn’t get done in time and I didn’t post them. Plus I forgot to take pictures of most of them.

I’ve actually dyed a metric-ton (almost) of fabric, and didn’t take a single picture.

So, you’re stuck with pictures of stuff that I have done recently.

Here’s a picture of the mittens I gave LauraR. They were due in Christmas 2014. They were completed in time for her b-day September 2015. The pattern is called Trailblazer and it is a quick and fun knit. I’ve knit multiple pairs of these mittens and will probably knit them again. But not for a due date. I’m calling a moratorium on Christmas and birthday knitting until I feel I can actually hit deliverable dates.

Here’s the project page on Ravelry:

I was in Boise recently and completed a quilt top. The pattern is called Cranberry Chutney and it is super easy. It was the perfect thing to do on vacation. I found a kit at the Quilt Crossing in Boise.

Why yes, those are my feet at the bottom of the picture. And yup, that’s a dog in there as well 🙂

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