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FO: Apartment Warming Gift for Jilly

Unfortunately, I don’t know what pattern this is. It’s obvious it was done with Bali Pop Strips. And I vaguely remember working on it in Boise.

Finished quilt for Jill

Finished quilt for Jill

I was digging around in the cupboard before I visited in Sandy, in a mad frantic bid to find some quilt tops in order to practice long arm quilting. We had been at the MidWest Quilt Expo in September, and Sandy swore that Evil Minkee was not evil to quilt on a long arm machine, and she offered to let me use her machine while I was there.

I found this, and immediately wondered why I didn’t finish it!

Here’s a close up:

Close up

Close up

Sandy suggested that I try using a pantograph. It did make the quilt quicker to finish. Normally I would have quilted this much denser via free motion.

I will admit the finished quilting is gorgeous. Check out the back:

Back of the quilt - Minkee makes the quilting really pop!

Back of the quilt – Minkee makes the quilting really pop!

A long arm quilting machine really does make the Minkee doable without cursing! I still would not use it with my sit down machine.

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