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FO: Quilt for Averi Rose

My friend Jessica was expecting a baby in September, so it was time to make a baby quilt.

I wanted to do something unique for her, and I wanted to use some Bali Pops. I had an awesome one called Kiwiberry that was perfect for a gender neutral baby quilt. After breaking open the Bali Pops I realized that there were enough colors and enough different values to sort by both and get a cool block effect. And this is what I ended up with!

I did put Minkee on the back of this quilt. It is super soft and thus great for baby quilts but I really don’t like to quilt it as it stretches a lot. I usually end up using a can of spray baste AND pins to get it to stay in place, and I still have wrinkles on the back.

I have the directions for the quilt written up and if there is demand I’ll post it.

Jessica received the quilt well before she had a beautiful baby girl named Averi Rose. Lucky baby!

I really enjoyed making this quilt and it was QUICK. I will probably make another one in the future.


4 Responses to “FO: Quilt for Averi Rose”

  1. 1

    I LOVE this design! How can I get the pattern?

  2. 2

    Hi…the pattern is my own and not for sale. Sorry…

  3. 3

    That’s really too bad. It’s absolutely beautiful. Great job!

  4. 4

    Is it possible to buy this pattern from you? I love it, and i have found a bali pop in one of my closets and i’ ve been looking for a pattern. It is a bali pop with bright colors….
    Thank you….greetings ingrid miedema (holland)

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